Jenna Robichau

Jenna Robichau


Iron lion has unCAGED me by teaching me to take pride in how strong my body is!

I called Iron Lion because it was 2 blocks away from my house and I felt like I couldn’t use the distance as an excuse, and it was the one thing I never really tried— kettlebells and weight lifting!

During my initial phone call with Chris, I already knew I was going to like it. He understood my background as a dancer and theater person. You could hear it in his voice, how passionate and intelligent he was about this stuff. He sounded like I do when I talk about the benefits and approaches to teaching movement to children. My assessment confirmed my hunch. These coaches knew what they were talking about and completely tailored a workout built for my needs.

In my first program I noticed major differences in my posture and core strength— two things I had really lost after performing.

Everyone is inspiring and makes me want to strive to be better!