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We are a Strength and Conditioning facility that provides health, wellness, and enhanced performance to not only athletes but of all the people of our community here in Astoria, Queens. Over the course of three months, an internship at ILP will dramatically improve your skills as a coach by putting you in real life situations, learn- by- doing experience.

At Iron Lion, we seek to provide our interns with a hands-on experience that prepares them to excel as a performance coach. Each intern is given a manual that details our system of operations. In the manual, we delve into assessments, testing, warm-ups, programing (Micro and macro cycles), exercise progressions and techniques, power, agility, and culture. As they learn, we progress them to be hands on with the members and execute what they have learned.

Requirements to join the family –
  • 20 hours weekly
  • A background in exercise not necessarily a degree in the field
  • A drive to help people live stronger and healthier

During your internship, you will observe and assist clients and athletes in the following areas of performance enhancement while also possessing certain skills outlined below:

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Dynamic Warm-up and Flexibility Drills
  • Speed Development & Change of Direction work (Movement Days)
  • Light Implementation of Power work that includes Plyometrics and Medicine Ball work
  • Conditioning
  • Core Stabilization (Active Rest)
  • Understand Program Design and Phases – Help with clients on homework days
  • Daily setup of the Gym and Weight Room
  • Help Social Media Coordinator take pics and videos
  • Strong social skills are a must to be comfortable interacting with our clients and if necessary their parents
  • Present yourself in a manner that will reinforce your status as a role model for impressionable young athletes
Internship Seasons
  • Jan – April, resume due by Nov 30th
  • June – August, resume due by April 30th
  • September – December, resume due by July 30th

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