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The Iron Lion Way

The Iron Lion Way is not simply a “workout of the day”; it is a fitness training gym (system) with the purpose of providing lifelong fitness and health to the community of Astoria, NY. We create customized programs to fit your individual needs so that you can roam The Den in the best shape of your life.

One-on-One Training

Our one-on one program is a place to hone in on your technique, learn our system, and clean up movement limitations in the ultimate hands on experience. The one-on-one setting also ensures a seamless transition into our semi-private training.

Small Group Personal Training

Would you like a one-on-one level of training but at a cost that you can do it consistently? This is a need that wasn’t being met and so our small group personal training system was created.

Over the last fourteen years, we have been able to hone our skills to enable us to provide a highly specialized training system for small groups. Our most sought after service, small group personal training provides you with the attention and programming characteristic of Iron Lion’s one-on-one sessions, but at a more affordable rate. You also have the added benefit of finding motivation from your peers as you work in a small group of 2-4 members, who are paired based on their fitness levels and goals. Every group participant is given an individualized program, which changes every 4 weeks.

Our Individualized programs meets each member at their fitness needs. Joint conditioning, strengthening, nutrition and cardio health is complemented with extra group conditioning and stretching classes at no extra cost.


Nutrition is intensely personal. As such, our program is meant to be tailored to every client’s specific challenges and goals. Our program is therefore broken into classes based on individual skill level, personal history and level of readiness.

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Sports Performance

Strong athletes not only maximize their performance, they minimize their chance of being injured. By focusing on a host of physical skills, known as General Physical Preparation, combined with correcting movement limitations, Iron Lion coaches help athletes to dramatically improve their performance. We constantly prepare and continually educate ourselves in order to give the Iron Lion Athlete a distinctive edge on the playing field.

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What Is Your Goal?

Strength and Muscle

Specialized phased programs that change monthly

Coaches track your performance and keep you from hitting plateaus.

Annual Iron Lion in-house lifting events to keep you focused.

Get in Shape Without Pain

First, we ensure that your joints don’t have any limitations. A bad ankle or limited hip mobility can cause back and knee pain when trying to get back into shape. Our evaluation of your movement sets up your personalized program made just for your body.

Our full-time experienced staff gets to know how you move for consistent progress.

Kinstretch, stretch and yoga classes to improve movement capacity.

Weight Loss

The average client loses 5 -20 pounds with-in their first 6 weeks. We have proven this time and time again with our spring and fall transformation challenges.

Nutrition – Proper nutrition is a key component of training. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain mass or just be healthier overall, nutrition plays a major role in your success.

Conditioning Classes

Athletic Performance

From marathons and obstacle course races to weekend sports, we will have you prepared! Your plan will be laid out in phases to not only enable you to perform better, but also to keep you from breaking down. 

50 and Over Fitness

You are 50 and over but not ready to slow down! You want to improve functional fitness and keep doing the things you love to do. Our custom programs are designed for the 50 and over individual and increases functional capacity, strength, power, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and challenging environment. No previous exercise history required.


At Iron Lion, we tailor programs for expecting mothers, post-partum clients and women looking to get back into shape after having children. We focus on re-training their core to help them return to their pre-birth strength and stability.

Free Classes to complement your personal sessions and round out your routine.

Metabolic Conditioning –

As you are engaging in compound movements, your body enters a state of lipolysis, where fat burning occurs. On a biological level, circuits also lead to the release of growth hormone and help to burn fat and elevate your metabolism even after the workout ends. Precise programming will you help you endure long bouts of work and promote cardiovascular health and overall conditioning. In time, you will find that you can perform more work without sacrificing your technique.

Cardiac Output –

(Easy) 30 min. of non-stop movement that will condition you and aid in your recovery.

Bodies in Motion –

Condition your body every Saturday 8 am and Sunday at 9 am! Bodies in Motion is a fusion of yoga, dynamic mobility movements, and stretching. We start off every class with breathing exercises to get your ribcage and pelvic stacked which allows space for our joints to move better. We then utilize this range of motion actively ( stretches and positions) to create a more resilient and efficient human being.

We have everything prepared for you every time you walk in. We reassess every month to make sure you are staying on track.

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