Cleaning and Safety Protocol

We are committed to taking the best care of you and we have taken the time to ensure that all the guidelines mandated by state are met.

As we move towards getting back to normal, we understand that you all have different circumstances and levels of concern. To accommodate everyone, we will continue to have outdoor training with full equipment.

Safety Measures –

Your Own Individual Pod –

Yes, you will have your own 6 x 6 pod with your own cleaning spray and hand sanitizer. The staff will bring over all the equipment you need for your session. The next closest pod will be at a minimum 6 feet away.

Temperature Checks –

Handless scanner for employees and members.

Online Booking w/ Questionnaire –

We keep track of every hour. We know who is coming in and that they are feeling well upon entering.

Hourly Clean –

50 min sessions so groups don’t convene and to clean equipment. Your check-in reserves your pod.

Deep Clean –

Electronic fogger spray for a daily deep clean of the whole facility.

Towels will be provided –

Bring your own Water and Towels but we will have backups for you.


We have two medical grade commercial air purifiers to go along with an open loading dock and back door to keep the air fresh.

Social Distance –

Zones –

We will have 3 zones which will allow three pods spaced out per zone. Each Zone is separated by 20 feet.

Semi-private –

The 3 people in a group will be 12 ft feet apart from the center of each pod. The other group again will be on the other side of the gym.

Mask’s –

Must be worn Indoors and must always stay on – This is mandated by the state. We have special mask inserts to help you aid in breathing with mask on. The members love them. We also have a backyard for mask breaks.

Separate Entrance and Exit Way –

We will have arrows on the floor to the help the staff guide social distancing as you leave.

Training –

Equipment –

We will have kettlebells, trap bars, med-balls, foam rollers, bands, barbells, knee pads, yoga mats (we suggest you bring your own) , benches in each one of your pods.

Large Group Saturdays –

Stretching and cardio classes Saturday in Astoria Park

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