Matt Nolan

stars“The team and the family here at Iron Lion has reminded my wife and I just how grateful we are to have people that genuinely care about us- not just when we’re working out, but in all aspects of life. We all need coaches, at any stage in our careers, but as a fitness professional, learning from others in the field is everything. It’s like the “Harvard of Fitness”, right here in NYC. My hips and knees used to be really sore after my longer runs, and overall the toll of my weekly mileage, which can get up to 50-65 miles per week would take its toll. Not to mention my work as a fitness instructor also taking a lot out of me physically (I teach 19 classes a week). So feeling stronger, healthier, and happier has made all the difference. I was able in November to run my fastest NYC Marathon ever, 3:05:22, and finally just this past February, broke 3 hours and Qualified for the Boston Marathon 2020 in 2:54:58. Almost 9 minutes off my previous mark and I won the Clydesdale Division, (200 Pound Plus runners)!!”

-Matt Nolan