Feel Under 40 in 40 Days!

Feel Under 40 in 40 Days!

It’s time to increase your strength, energy, and decrease your aches! Get a special program tailored to your needs.

Come experience how the men of Iron Lion have been rejuvenated because YOU DESERVE IT!

We are opening ten spots in our back in the game 6-week program for men who want to :

Get the entire 6-week program for just $225!

Special movement assessment to customize your training
3 sessions a week


Step 1: Joint Health

First, we ensure that your joints don’t have any limitations. A bad ankle or limited hip mobility can cause back and knee pain when trying to get back into shape. Our evaluation of your movement sets up your personalized program made just for your body.

Step 2: Strength

Building a base of strength is critical before implementing power exercises. Strength is the force produced in a certain amount of time. Power is how fast you move that force.You must first be able to move that force with proficient ease before reaping the benefits of power training.

Step 3: Power Conditioning

Enter the kettlebell swing! The kettlebell swing is great as we age because:

  • is lower impact than the jump. This allows multiple sets which will increase one’s conditioning without beating up their body.
  • Eccentric loading builds more strength.
  • The swing trains abdominal bracing – abdominal bracing is the key for core strength and performance.
Hear it from our Clients

Steve Caridi

Great Gym! So different than any other I’ve been at, and that is because of knowledge of all the trainers!! Been using trainers for over 15 years and this is by far the best! Been going for over 3 years, as Iron Lion Team help keep this old man, like a teenager!!

Adam Mazza

It’s rare to find a gym that trains both HS/college athletes and the general population. Iron Lion does and excels at both. I’ve been able to successfully rehab a shoulder injury and continue to get stronger. There is a difference between exercise and training, all the trainers at Iron Lion understand that different people should train differently and get results!

    Get Back in the Game!

    We start Monday, March 2nd to be ready for the spring. We’re closing this program after we get to ten men.

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